As a Speaker at Live Events

Below are some comments from people who have been to hear Jacqueline speak at live events:

“From the moment Jacqueline started her presentation, she had the audience engaged and interested. Afterwards the comments from parents made it clear that they found it well worth taking the time to show up in person. She left us with many actionable tips as well as much food for thought, and a much clearer understanding of why parenting has become so difficult. With that understanding, she also pointed the way to parenting with much more ease and joy. Thank goodness for that fact!

I so appreciate though that Jacqueline also offered us an online version of her presentation. That way parents can listen to it again, or those who weren’t able to make it, can see it for the first time. The online version adds a lot of value to an already stellar presentation by both helping those of us who were there remember more, as well as by helping us to reach the majority of parents who didn’t attend live.

As an organizer, I also appreciate that from the start, Jacqueline was professional and easy-to-work. She’s had suggestions for how to best set things up, yet also has been flexible. I highly recommend her to any school group that wants someone to come in and help us parents with the challenging task of parenting children nowadays.” ~ Michelle, School Council Representative at FFCA SSE, from Calgary, AB.

Tommy's Family“Jacqueline thank you so much for an amazing and eye opening seminar. From that short seminar it has already changed my relationship with my kids. I can’t wait to hear more.” ~ Tommy from Alberta, Canada


Stephanie Harvey

“I highly recommend Jacqueline Green’s work. I have known Jacqueline personally and professionally for 28 years. I recently had the pleasure of attending a workshop she offered for parents, and I was extremely impressed with her knowledge. More importantly, though, Jacqueline connected with the parents present, presented complicated ideas in a simple manner, and inspired a lot of reflection.

She is a dynamic speaker, and presents ideas from developmental psychology in an engaging way – everybody at the presentation asked questions! She is a brave speaker who integrates stories from her own life to illustrate how alignment (sometimes called attachment) helps parents and children. In addition, Jacqueline has the sensitivity to present what can sometimes be difficult material. Parents are able to recognize their strengths and at the same time improve their skills. 

I am a Speech-Language Pathologist and the mother of two children, one with Asperger Syndrome. I highly recommend Jacqueline’s work, having benefited from it myself both personally and professionally.” ~ Stephanie H., Speech Pathologist from Winnipeg, Manitoba

Cheryl“I met you on Saturday at the Learning and Literacy conference in Edmonton.  I absolutely loved your workshops and I received great value from listening to you.  I love how you related to us (the audience).  I’m excited to listen to your shows in the future, hopefully in person as well as online.

Thanks again for your excellent workshops this past weekend.  I really enjoyed myself there.” ~ Cheryl W., Dayhome Provider from Stony Plain, AB.

“I thought your session on parenting was both very interesting and useful. You have excellent insights into the dynamics of parent-child interactions. I’ve been using some of the things I picked up from your talk and from talking to you afterwards, and your suggestions are working out well. Thank you very much!” ~ Speaking as a parent, Erzo L., Professor of Economics, Dartmouth