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Below are testimonials from various people who have had their lives changed by Jacqueline’s work:

“Thank you Jacqueline for this gift and all your important work. You have helped me become the mother I always wanted to be. As parents living in the nuclear age we need this kind of support and wisdom. Bless you.” ~ Michelle B. from Tepoztlan, Mexico

“I just want to say how unbelievably grateful I am for the opportunity to listen to all of these talks. I have been reading ALL THE THINGS for six years, and not until now have I felt like speakers or writers were giving me the tools I needed to implement the changes I know are necessary. The fact that you are spreading this information for free is so crazy-fantastic! Thank you for helping me. I have been in tears every night out of gratitude because I’ve been able to make so many small and meaningful changes already.” ~Eleigh from South Bend, Indiana.

“Also just some words on your show…Your show has been truly wonderful and so helpful! Thank you. It has given my husband and I the ability to discover different parenting styles independently and then come back together to discuss logically what would work best for our family. Life with a bright and vivacious 3.5 year old and an even more bright and vivacious 9 month old is, to say the least, exciting and challenging. Your show has definitely helped us. Thank you again!” ~ Jennifer C. from USA

“Thank you so much for the fantastic downloadable interviews!

I love your show and I really love your honesty and the kind way you share your journey. I have had a wonderful (hot) aussie xmas with my two gorgeous boys, 5 & 8,  because of all I have learnt from your show! You (and your guests) have been a true blessing in my life,

Best Wishes.” ~ Shauna P. from Australia

“Just wanted to wish you and your family a Happy Holidays – I hope its filled with warmth, love and peace – as you bring so much of that to people all over the world! I wanted to thank you for your incredible gift to the world – and on a personal level a deep thank you for the changes happening in my life that were sparked by your show.

Thank you from my husband – who is also grateful for the changes he is taking part in. Thank you from my daughters – who will grow up with parents equipped to guide them into their best selves and feel unconditionally loved
A couple of years ago when I first started listening to your show – I was sort of floundering through a LOT of parenting and individual issues that I knew I wasn’t handling “right” – but had no clue of another way – then I found you and the first feeling I had was joyful hope.

I gained so much knowledge that totally resonated with me (and my husband – as I passed it on to him). And although huge changes occurred – and I learned so much, there was still a missing piece – which were the deep changes/healing within me (from my own painful childhood – and some of adulthood) that needed to occur.

As I’ve heard you quote many time “be the change you want to see”. I have come to the point where I realized that without flushing out my own negative beliefs – I cannot go any further with the changes I want to see.  Well, as I approach 41 (this Jan. 1st) – i am gifting myself some one-on-one sessions w/Patrick McMillan.  I am so excited as I know this next step is a critical one and I just wanted to Thank You Thank You for bringing it to my life!

Forever Grateful.” ~ Nicole R. from USA

“Beautiful heart warming show w/ Jill. Thanks for sharing your personal story Jacqueline and for being so Authentic about how You tried your best w/ the knowledge You had at that time w/ your son. I so appreciate that perspective as I have used that many times w/ myself and your sharing those comments to, for about yourself w/ your audience was very moving for Me~!

With Love and Gratitude.” ~ Janet P. from USA

“Thank you for your season of shows, I have listened to them all. We have found many to be helpful, we have been fans of Dr Laura for some time.

I have an eight year old daughter who is wonderful at school yet her behaviour at home has been extremely challenging for us. She has no history of trauma and is not adopted. She is very perceptive, gifted in literacy, and terribly wounded by the slightest negative comment (sometimes even gently being asked not to do something). Hitting became the norm – we were not the ones doing the hitting I hasten to add, but so often everything you read about hitting in families concerns the parents hitting and not the child. And when they are eight and large for their age it can really hurt.

I have read more parenting books than anyone I know in my attempts to help her.

Bryan Posts talk was so helpful and we have seen her behaviour turn around within a week of his talk. The comments about showing the brain stem were particularly helpful as it enabled me to think to myself – keep engaged, now is my moment to turn this around. She now seems more attached, happy, and she feels loved, I feel our relationship is back to the solid footing it used to be on. So many thanks to yourself and Bryan. I did go ahead and buy his book but his words, suggested tone, enthusiasm, and understanding came across over your show incredibly well and that was what made the difference in our family. I understand my children so much more.

Many thanks to you both.” ~ Sandra M. from Canada

“Hi Jacqueline,

Your podcasts are a blessing to me at times when I feel besides myself with parenting mistakes I make. My son is a special needs child and I am a single mom doing this alone. Thank you for bringing me some peace and clarity when I need it most.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!” ~ Heather V. from USA

“Although I’m not American just wanted to send you a thank you for organizing these shows. I’ve listened to most of the shows while I work and I’ve gotten quite a bit out of them. I’m not a parent yet, but I’ve definitely gained some knowledge and insight for my current relationships and I am hopefully better prepared when I become a parent myself.

My gratitude to you and the people you interviewed.” ~ Michael H.


Want to wish you the exact same! I am truly thankful to have you as an excellent host and coach. May God bless you and you family today and always. May you continue to prosper in every aspect of your life.

I want you to know that I have become more aware of my parenting guidance and look forward to continue learning with your support! I feel so great and peaceful knowing I have techniques I can use. Because of these techniques I’ve learned through your work I am able to maintain balance and connection with myself and my 4YO wonderful daughter!

Thank you so so much and it is a great blessing to have you as a coach in this Universe. ” ~ Norma P.


Thanks for offering these replays again.  I love all of the shows I have heard through you but just can’t seem to find the time to listen.  I have purchased a package from you previously so I know the value but I love being given another chance to hear these for free 🙂

Thanks.” ~ S. from Canada

“Hi Jacqueline!

Great to hear from you.

I think it’s an excellent programme – all the speakers are so useful in so many ways.  I was blown over by Bryan Post, which was why I bought the course – it proved to be too extreme for my little 5 year old though.

Having gone through a complete season, then starting up again, I realised that someone who greatly moved me and made so much sense was Shelly Lefkoe.  So I purchased her course about a month or so ago and am now onto my second listen through!  What she says really makes sense to me.  I guess it’s how I feel as a parent, the responsibility of it, shaping someone’s life in so fundamental a way.  I always want to feel that I’ve done my best for my son and given him all the opportunities I can for him, and also act towards him in a way that is respectful to him as a human being.  If I can shape his beliefs in the first instance, that will save so much anguish in the long run (I was a really shy child, so it has taken years of hard work to push myself way out of my comfort zone – without that struggle, my life would have been a lot more straight forward) –  a really great philosophy, with some really practical tips to make it happen. 

Thanks for asking!

Looking forward to hearing more great speakers – keep up the good work!” ~ Heather M. from USA

“Hi, there.  I just wanted to express my appreciation for your program, especially the replays!  I am always a full-time mother, but recently stepped away from my career of nursing to homeschool our children.  I always love to hear about the power of feng shui, and this is the second time I have heard Marie on your show.  I am constantly “feeling” our environment for ways of improvement that works well for all of us.  This has been truly a challenge since we have moved to another state and our dwelling is much smaller.  Last Friday, we took a half-day off from school because I was overwhelmed with the feeling of changing things around.  Our children watched one of their favorite videos while I reorganized their space, putting all school stuff on one side and their bed is hidden between our sofa and the wall.  I constantly asked for their input as I moved this and that. They were pleased.  And after their video was finished, we all worked together to finish cleaning up.  The space looks and feels larger and more open and their bed is not the center of the room anymore.

 I am also grateful for your other interview. (forgive me, Peggy, I think is her name).  I had been so caught up in her message, that I forgot to write it down.  Please tell her thank you so much for me.  I needed to hear that more than ever, as I am constantly battling the internal “rights and wrongs”  of the past.  I am also a mother of some highly energetic and free spirited children, who constantly challenges much of what I experienced as a child.  I am having to find new ways constantly to improve.  Just when I feel highly overwhelmed, The Yoni-verse sends me help!  Thank you once again for your show and the valuable information!” ~ Akiba from USA

“Thanks! Btw, I love the show! I’ve been listening since last season & tell everyone about it. The golden nuggets you help share to the world are really for people who want to grow period! Yesterday, in the office I did the energy activities with my coworkers!” ~ Shoshana S.

“Many thanks to you and all your efforts with The Great Parenting Show.  It is an excellent resource!  I especially enjoyed Dr. Kenny today.  I have heard him before and his information is consistently very helpful.  Thank you again.” ~ Suzanne T. from USA

“Love listening to your show and have picked up some great tips!! It truly is the hardest job in the world and it’s great to have such a wonderful resource!! Thank you for your committment of making us better parents!” ~ Tanya W. from United Kingdom

“Dear Jacqueline,

First of all, thank you thank you thank you! I’m a mother of a five months old baby girl, and since her arrival had started spiralling down into a cycle of fear of failing as a mother, how to protect our daughter from all that horrible stuff out there without oppressing her with rigidity and closedmindedness, fear that my daughter wont love me, insomnia, and, and, and…

Your show has really helped me remember who I am and that things ARE going to be ok.” Iman from Pakistan

“This whole series has been so great for me! I look forward to the future interviews! Thank you so much for doing this!” ~ Ashley

“Fascinating, super important calls!!! Thank you!!!

Side note: Congratulations for your honesty, exposing your vulnerability and hooray to you for being triumphant despite of all odds…

Good example for all that we can overcome life challenges… Thank you for that too!” ~ Carmela, from Israel

“Thanks, although at this point I don’t have any of this challenges, everybody have small struggles that look huge. And this helps me as a Mother and Guidance. To be compassionate to us. THANKS!” ~ Luisa

“Wow, I have just realized that both my parents were perfectionists, teachers, with wanting things to be done in his and her[opposing] ways. I had no dreams, future plans, thought I would be dead before 18 years. Interesting and enlightening. Looking forward to your book. Thank you.” ~ Ali

“THANK YOU! That was so encouraging. My biggest take away… my child really only needs 1 strong parental foundation. I will continue to move forward in growing myself despite negative influences.” ~ Jeanne

“Thanks everyone!!! So awesome to spend this part of my day with like minded parents! The most importand & challenging job in the world!!” ~ Angie

“I’m simply very grateful that GPS exists. I discovered it after signing up for Kim’s newsletter, and she promoted it. I listened to the replay of Lori Petro and looooved it. Shared the GPS on my fb page because this is an amazing resource. So thanks! I’m just sad I missed Dan Siegal :(“ ~ Elizabeth

I have been given a great introduction to many different experts and ideas, thank you for making this information readily available! Anonymous

“Jacqueline, your show is a such a great resource for the parenting transformation journey! Thank you for being real throughout all the interviews with such knowledgeable guests!” Anonymous

“I loved all of it. Even the things I thought I wouldn’t relate to, I always found something to take with me to my parenthood journey. Saying all that, I definitely appreciated the positive parenting webinars more than the others as this is somwthing I am working on with myself and owuld love to have further guidance.” Anonymous

“Every time I saw Jacqueline’s name in my inbox I had a sigh of relief. I appreciate those webinars tremendously and I know that whatever it will be, there will be something for me to relate to.” Anonymous

“Wonderful job, Jacqueline! I love to set aside this time and while not everything has ‘gone into action’, the mental and emotional reinforcement of many ideas has served to help me solidify my thoughts around parenting and what’s important to me. Thank you.” Anonymous

“This show is so awesome! It has introduced me to so many amazing experts who I had not heard of before. I am becoming the mom I have always wanted to be white the tools I’ve gotten through listening to your interviews. I will be forever grateful to you!” Anonymous

“Thank you for bringing so many great speakers together. I often struggle to get my parenting to where I want it to be and listening to your show has been both incredibly reassuring and comforting and helped motivate me to keep going even when I felt l things weren’t always turning out as I wished” Anonymous

“Honestly, Jacqueline, I’ve loved and truly benefited from many speakers on the show, and encountered lots of new folks that I’ve learned from, like Hands Free Mama most recently, but my favorite part of the show had to be YOU. I hadn’t watched the GPS in years past so you were new to me. And I ever so slowly began to really notice your consistent presence, sincerity, respectfulness, strength and good-intention. Honestly, I came to really enjoy your space holding and questions as much as the information coming in from the speakers. So thank you truly!” Anonymous

“I actually didn’t choose my favorites but interviews I want to listen to again. I have enjoyed listening to the shows and replays. Thank you so much Jaqueline for organizing and Rose for helping with the parenting show. I felt that all of the information was presented in a way that I am able to apply what will fit my family. And help us immediately and in the long run. Thank you so very much for the program and I am already excited for the next parenting show!” Anonymous

“I loved all of it. Even the things I thought I wouldn’t relate to, I always found something to take with me to my parenthood journey. Saying all that, I definitely appreciated the positive parenting webinars more than the others as this is somwthing I am working on with myself and owuld love to have further guidance.” Anonymous

I really enjoyed the shows I was able to watch. This is a great idea and I learned things to better my life so I appreciate all your efforts. Anonymous