GPS – Testimonials

Below are testimonials from parents about the Great Parenting Fall Show Series:

“Thank you, Jacqueline! That was really great advice.” ~ Elizabeth

“This whole series has been so great for me! I look forward to the future interviews! Thank you so much for doing this!” ~ Ashley

“Every interview was like a special present!!!

Honestly, all of the interviews I heard were amazing. I’m so glad that I have access to them forever, because I know that I’ll go back and listen to the ones I missed and listen to the ones I heard again. The variety was fabulous.” ~ GPS Expert Resource Center member

“Thank you! Great talk and great Q&A session.” ~ Shayla

“Thanks Jacqueline, much appreciate your answer to my question and for presenting this webinar.” ~ Alison

“This was so helpful. I made the connection about why certain teachers have been so effective for my kids… This has been so enlightening and also is helping me realize my Greek immigrant parents knew what they were doing!” ~ Mary

“Thank you! Great talk and great Q&A session.” ~ Linda

“Thank you for your generous comments and helpful inputs!” ~ Rebecca

Thank you so much for today and for answering my question. very useful! ~ Silvana

“I want to make my husband feel like he is a superstar. I will really try to stop nitpicking. ~ Jessica

“Thank you for the opportunity to join this webinar. These are the most relevant issues in my relationship.” ~ Maria

“It’s so great to get a man’s perspective! We really do think and react differently.” ~ Shari

“Amazing Q&A session… Dr. Gray is too kind and patient to have stayed beyond his time and sincerely answering each question.” ~ Liji

“Whew how to not be resentful. Yes! Thank you for sharing.” ~ Jessica

“This session with Dr. Gray has been so informative… I never realised that good nutrition has such a great role to play in shaping the behavior of a child! I am so great I attended today’s Webinar :-)” ~ Anonymous

“Fascinating, super important calls!!! Thank you!!!

Side note: Congratulations for your honesty, exposing your vulnerability and hooray to you for being triumphant despite of all odds…

Good example for all that we can overcome life challenges… Thank you for that too!” ~ Carmela, from Israel

“Holly’s workouts are amazing! And she is very thorough in her instructions of how to do the moves properly. She is truly motivating and inspirational.” ~ Sarah

“I enjoy Holly’s workouts as well! Thanks Holly!” ~ Cindy

“This is by far the best diet advice i’ve ever heard! thumbs up!” ~ Silvana

“Thanks, although at this point I don’t have any of this challenges, everybody have small struggles that look huge. And this helps me as a Mother and Guidance. To be compassionate to us. THANKS!” ~ Luisa

“Great advice about the testing process and not letting it worry me or him.” ~ Melissa

“Thank you so much for a great show today.” ~ Shari

“Just watched the replay of Holly. Took 4 pages of notes feeling inspired to put myself first & start a journey to feeling better. Not sure I can afford programme right now but definitely will look into the right multi style exercises I can do. I love squats so that’s a great start. Thank you again for bringing us these amazing people & their information.” ~ Catherine

“Wonderful show. Thank you so much.” ~ Deborah

“I am so happy to be here for this! This is GOLD!” ~ Ashley

“Thank you so much. What a great webinar.” ~ Andrea

“Thank you!!!!!!! Single best parenting webinar I’ve experienced! Intelligent, empathetic, realistic and heartwarming. I look forward to listening to the replay with my husband so we can get on the same page. I love how this approach takes elements of my nurturing and his tough love, and explains how to apply them in harmony together for a better relationship. For the first time ever I feel there’s real hope for us! There has not been harmony in our family or marriage in quite awhile.

Thanks again for this invaluable webinar. It may well be a life saver!” ~Anne

“Thank you! I’ve used water as white noise (iBrainwave app) for nearly 6 years since my first child was born. They seem to be OK with it though, so I’ll leave it for now. I could switch the water component off and just leave the white noise to check if it’s having an influence.” ~ Stephanie

“I can’t wait to start implementing some of these Feng Shui Decor tips!” ~ Angela

“Thank you so much!” ~ Gail

“Animal abuse draws more outrage than spanking children but the consequences are just as detrimental to a child.” ~ Nancy

“This is helpful, thank you for your insight.” ~ Sacha

“This has been a great subject also!!” ~ Angie

“Wow, I have just realized that both my parents were perfectionists, teachers, with wanting things to be done in his and her[opposing] ways. I had no dreams, future plans, thought I would be dead before 18 years. Interesting and enlightening. Looking forward to your book. Thank you.” ~ Ali

“Nice to hear about Jacqueline – and her background!” ~ Karen

“Next time…” is wonderful advice! Also add “yet” when thinking “I’m not good at this… yet!” ~ Anne

“That was a great interview! Want to listen to it again.” ~ Dorothy

“AH OK! That makes a lot of sense!” ~ Alana

“Great interview. Thank you!” ~ Ellen

“That is so nice! using plans for savings to motivate planning.” ~ Silvana

“I am a subscriber to her Scramble site and it is great!” ~ Sarah

“We’ve been using the Scramble for 5 years. It’s been great., It has also given my wife more confidence in the kitchen ( I used to do most of the cooking, now she does 60%)” ~ Ryan

“Brilliant talk I am delighted to learn some more information. Thank you so much that was a help even for me as an adult” ~ Agnieszka

“Fabulous insights.” ~ Linda

“That was great thank you!” ~ Eric

“This is so great, so many good advices and tips I couldn’t imagine… Thank you so much for all of this Jacqueline!” ~ Naama

“THANK YOU! That was so encouraging. My biggest take away… my child really only needs 1 strong parental foundation. I will continue to move forward in growing myself despite negative influences.” ~ Jeanne

“Excellent (moving from mad to sad and finding my own tears)!!! Thank you Jacqueline. Very helpful!” ~ Ellen

“Love the examples!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!! Create a switch…critical in parenting! thank you so much!!” ~ Antonella

“Wow! That is great advice!” ~ Silvana

“Great stuff.” ~ Renee

“I like your suggestions to notice the time they mostly fight and make sure that try to create situation where they can be cooperative mostly.” ~ Tayyaba

“Thanks everyone!!! So awesome to spend this part of my day with like minded parents! The most importand & challenging job in the world!!” ~ Angie

“This is such a wonderful show!” ~ Nicole

“Love the tangible take-aways here! I am definitely going to walk away and get in touch with my physical feelings through sensory direction.” ~ Ellen

“This was great, honest, straight to the point information that I believe all parents should have access to. Sleep deprivation is a big problem for most parents.” ~ Silvana

“I’m simply very grateful that GPS exists. I discovered it after signing up for Kim’s newsletter, and she promoted it. I listened to the replay of Lori Petro and looooved it. Shared the GPS on my fb page because this is an amazing resource. So thanks! I’m just sad I missed Dan Siegal :(“ ~ Elizabeth

“I really love that! We can’t make our children sleep and we should be encouraged to be proud of them as they make the leap to sleeping better. This is THEIR accomplishment!” ~ Kristen

“Amazing interview – thank you so much!! Wonderful reminders about what’s really important…” ~ Sarah

“Wonderful things addressed here! Thank you Shelly and Jacqueline.” ~ Ellen

“Merci to both of you. So inspiring.” ~ Caroline

“I wanna revise my mission after this webinar, Thanks both of you from the bottom of my heart!” ~ Abdullah

“Thank you both for who you are in the world. Your open hearts and generous spirits are so appreciated!” ~ Zahra

“Thank you – for both of your profound honesty.” ~ Z

“Lots of helpful information. Thanks so much!” ~ Dionne

“Great speaker today! Thank you!” ~ Silvana

“Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant!” ~ Teodora

“You nailed it this week, Jacqueline! Great speakers!” ~ Lauren

“Thank you Jacqueline for inviting Lynn. She is great!” ~ Deborah

“Excellent presentation. Thank you!” ~ Cheryl

“Thank you!  This has landed in my inbox like a gift from heaven…..
Thank you for all the amazing work you do and the way your work touches – and impacts – lives.  And, just like this gift, your work touches lives in ways you couldn’t possibly know……
Thank you” ~ Earth Angel. X

“I want to thank you, Jacqueline, for all that you have already done to improve my life and the lives of my family members.  I bless the lucky stars that led me to your show.  Thank you so much.” ~ Brenda from Washington, DC

“Thanks Ms. Jacqueline, 

I just finished watching the replay link with my wife and two teenagers and had discussion afterwards where they were able to pinpoint us and we been able to as well. This sure will work out as a successful parenting in developing responsible, independent and successful kids.

Thanks a lot.”Bal Saggu

“I loved the topic of “language for listening” and how easy the process is to implement and how enthusiastic Sandy was in her presentation!  I am a retired Speech-language pathologist and a grandmother to two young boys, and I know how important these skills are in interactions with children of all ages.  Sadly, as easy as it is, too many parents don’t really give much thought to how to positively interact with their children, and don’t realize how much easier and rewarding parenting would be if they did.  Thank you for presenting this and for all the good information you share on your GPS!”Sandy Phillips

Learning about communication with older children and teenagers, Jennifer Kolari was amazing. Anonymous

I have been given a great introduction to many different experts and ideas, thank you for making this information readily available! Anonymous

Excellent series!! Anonymous

Jacqueline, your show is a such a great resource for the parenting transformation journey! Thank you for being real throughout all the interviews with such knowledgeable guests! Anonymous

I loved all of it. Even the things I thought I wouldn’t relate to, I always found something to take with me to my parenthood journey. Saying all that, I definitely appreciated the positive parenting webinars more than the others as this is somwthing I am working on with myself and owuld love to have further guidance. Anonymous

Every time I saw Jacqueline’s name in my inbox I had a sigh of relief. I appreciate those webinars tremendously and I know that whatever it will be, there will be something for me to relate to. Anonymous

This great season taught me to trust Jacqueline’s choices of topics so I will be totally ok with whatever. Anonymous

Thanks a lot Jacqueline, really. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Anonymous

This is amazing, Jacqueline!! Thanks so much! Really appreciate all the replays. Anonymous

Just thanks for great ideas and inspiration!:) Anonymous

Wonderful job, Jacqueline! I love to set aside this time and while not everything has ‘gone into action’, the mental and emotional reinforcement of many ideas has served to help me solidify my thoughts around parenting and what’s important to me. Thank you. Anonymous

Lori Petro and the Sleep lady! Thank you so much for what you are doing. It is really wonderful to have some resources and comfort that parenting is challenging but that is ok. Anonymous

It’s all amazing, keep it up! Anonymous

These interviews are such a gift to all of us.  Thank you so much! Anonymous

Thank you for helping me grasp the “why” behind so many parenting challenges Anonymous

I loved the diversity of topics that you covered. You have helped me to see the different areas that I am doing well in and areas I need to improve on. Anonymous

“Thanks, this has been great. Anonymous

This show is so awesome!  It has introduced me to so many amazing experts who I had not heard of before.  I am becoming the mom I have always wanted to be white the tools I’ve gotten through listening to your interviews.  I will be forever grateful to you! Anonymous

Thank you for bringing so many great speakers together. I often struggle to get my parenting to where I want it to be and listening to your show has been both incredibly reassuring and comforting and helped motivate me to keep going even when I felt l things weren’t always turning out as I wished Anonymous

So many incredible speakers!! Anonymous

Honestly, Jacqueline, I’ve loved and truly benefited from many speakers on the show, and encountered lots of new folks that I’ve learned from, like Hands Free Mama most recently, but my favorite part of the show had to be YOU. I hadn’t watched the GPS in years past so you were new to me. And I ever so slowly began to really notice your consistent presence, sincerity, respectfulness, strength and good-intention. Honestly, I came to really enjoy your  space holding and questions as much as the information coming in from the speakers. So thank you truly! Anonymous

Thanks so much for putting this together and making it available. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everything you did to make this possible! Anonymous

I actually didn’t choose my favorites but interviews I want to listen to again. I have enjoyed listening to the shows and replays. Thank you so much Jaqueline for organizing and Rose for helping with the parenting show. I felt that all of the information was presented in a way that I am able to apply what will fit my family. And help us immediately and in the long run. Thank you so very much for the program and I am already excited for the next parenting show! Anonymous

This was my first season listening and it was amazing. It was nice to hear some new advice and different perspectives and also some specific tips to use to help with my unique parenting struggles.  I can’t tell you how much I love the fact that you advocate that WE are our child’s best expert. It was nice to have permission to take the things that I thought would be helpful to our family and implement them and not have to worry about the rest. Just because the speakers are “experts” doesn’t mean that what they have to share is needful for my family at this time. It’s nice to think that next year something different can speak to me and I can build on what I’ve learned this year. Such a great blessing. Thanks! Anonymous

Thank you for putting this on, what an awesome resource! Anonymous

I really enjoyed the shows I was able to watch. This is a great idea and I learned things to better my life so I appreciate all your efforts. Anonymous