As a Coach

Below are testimonials from people who’ve been coached by Jacqueline:

“Hello! I’ve been coaching with Jacqueline for, probably, the last six months or so here and I’ve noticed the big difference and a huge change in my children since I started coaching with her. I have three children, 5, 3 and 1 year old. It’s just been phenomenal the change in our children and the coaching support that I’ve received from Jacqueline. It’s just like night and day. Things have gotten so much more peaceful in our house and my children use to, the older one hitting the younger one, and now their using their words. It’s just been absolutely great, so it’s been a pleasure working with Jacqueline and I recommend anybody to use her as a service. So, thank you so much Jacqueline!” ~ Nadene from Canada

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“My family was in a pretty bad place. My husband and I were at odds all the time with each other. We could barely be in the room with each other without yelling at each other or yelling at the kids. This was VERY different than how we were up until the entrance of our newest baby. I had been a member of the Great Parenting Show for years, so I had all this information, which I proceeded to tell my husband. To say that my timing was bad, is an understatement. Instead of imparting information, it came across as criticism on the way he was parenting.

Our bedtime routine was the absolute worst part of the day. Husband would get frustrated, I would get frustrated, kids would clearly be unhappy. It was a mess. We all hated it. We all ended the day in tears and mad at each other.

I finally had enough. I signed us up for marriage counselling and sent and S.O.S. email to Jacqueline on the same day.  Jacqueline responded immediately and we set up a time that week. We never did do the marriage counselling. The insight that Jacqueline had was perfect for what we needed at the time. She gave us little homework assignments to complete. Maybe the best part was that my husband and I didn’t talk to Jacqueline together. We were able to get the little bit of coaching in our ear and then we could address our family in a loving way. I’m sure if we had to hear what the other was saying it would have started hard feelings all over again. We felt really supported and heard in our parenting struggle. Nighttime is now one of our FAVORITE parts of the day!” ~ Kristen from Montana, USA

I am a much more peaceful, loving, happy mama than I was 3 months ago. In moments of stress and exhaustion I no longer resort to yelling and other forms of aggression to intimidate my children into cooperating and instead use the new tools, and am journeying through examining the roots of my anger in those moments. Best of all, my children are saying “I love you so much Mummy” very often and giving me lots of cuddles and kisses.

Thank you for doing what you do, Jacqueline. You’ve helped me make a difference in my life which is going to impact my children and theirs for generations to come.~ Stephanie R. from Canada

Hi Jacqueline,

Just wanted to send a bucketload of gratitude your way for our coaching session today. You were so laser focused and spot-on in relation to all the points I raised, and I particularly loved your analogy of pulling the plant out by its stem.

I felt so heard, and now have strategies and responses in relation to the issues that came up for us last week.

It is becoming increasingly obvious to me that I am coming to much of my parenting from a place of fear and force – “I must do these things on our checklist, she is never going to change, I will never be able to get through”.  

Much love and gratitude to you.~ Michelle L. from Singapore