As a Coach

Below are testimonials from people who’ve been coached by Jacqueline:

“Joining the GPS Inner Circle has been one of the best parenting choices I have ever made for me and my family. I am so much more confident in my parenting role. I feel so supported by Jacqueline and the special group of Inner Circle mothers who are on this journey with me. After only four weeks I’m already seeing big results. I’m more connected to my two sons and I’m seeing changes in their behaviors and in my responses. Thanks Jacqueline.” Sally from Georgia


“I found the missing information to help me implement all the parenting advice I have read over the years. Instead of wishing I could be that calmer parent, I can see myself getting there and not raging like I used to. I can feel myself relaxing as a parent.” ~ Joanna, San Diego

“Becoming part of the GPS Inner Circle is one of the best parenting decisions I’ve made. The tools I’m learning with Jacqueline are exactly what I’d been looking for so that I can connect with my daughters now and also as they grow older and more independent. She presents information in manageable pieces so that I’m not overwhelmed with all of the advice but can take small actions each week. The community and support in the Inner Circle is amazing, and it’s wonderful to know that I’m not alone with my challenges. I’ve become more assured and calm as a parent, and I’ve already seen the changes in my children. Best of all, I feel more like the mom and person I want to be.” ~ Kristin, Pennsylvania

Chiara's Family“If you are a busy mom like me who has already read countless parenting books and articles and have already had some successes you might be thinking: “What is it about the Inner Circle that’s going to make the difference and why should I invest my time and money?” I’ll tell you why I did. I have gotten to know Jacqueline Green through her work on the Great Parenting Show and I trust her, value her advice and I feel inspired when I listen to her. The Inner Circle combines great information to guide parents in the direction they want to go with a supportive group of other parents all seeking to make similar changes. The support and accountability pieces will keep you focused and moving forward in a way that nothing else I have tired has done. I didn’t join because I thought I was a terrible parent, by the way, I joined because I knew there were many things I needed to improve and that this class could help me become great. I have already felt a shift that I know is here to stay!” ~ Chiara, Tucson, AZ

Breanda's Family“Joining the Inner Circle has been life-changing for me. Jacqueline has been both an on-call expert, and a supportive coach through my most difficult moments. I can already see improvements not only with my parenting but in my relationship with my husband. And I am feeling more comfortable in my own skin, too. What a blessing ! So worth the money! It has required a significant time investment, but so worth that, too!” ~ Brenda, Maryland


Cheryl's Family“I love that the Inner Circle is a community of moms all looking to improve parenting skills to build a better relationship with their kids. The exercises are so eye opening that it is easier to catch myself wanting to believe the negatives and act on them before actually doing so.” ~ Cheryl, Garden Plain, KS

“Joining the Inner Circle was a difficult decision, because of the time and money commitment, but I am so glad I went ahead with what I knew in my gut was the right thing to do to help myself improve my parenting skills. I am now honing these skills and being kind to myself when I make a mistake , and am receiving great positive reinforcement from Jacqueline and this supportive group of moms from around the world. I am feeling closer to my children and we are all happier.” ~ Eileen, NY, New York

Joining the Inner Circle group was a decision I did not take lightly; however, I was ready to learn a new way to parent.  A relationship focus between parent and child is what intrigued me.  Changing our mindset of how you view your children in their struggles made a huge difference in dealing with my teenage son.  I started the class with not even wanting to be in the same room with him. Now, I’m able to tolerate his emotional outbursts and see that he needs to do this to cope with the emotional overload for his growing brain. To go from seeing your child as defiant to seeing him as struggling was crucial for me to keep my heart open.

This parenting shift may raise eyebrows in your circle of family and friends, but I want to reassure you that there is a different way to parent your child in this modern world.  I am forever grateful that this parenting group led me to so many different tools which I still have in my life today even though the course was finished.  I have a listening partner which I meet with once a week over the phone.  I also have a lovely group of four to five moms who meet via video chat to keep us accountable to the tools and concepts we learned in the Inner Circle class.

And words can’t even express the power of The Work in my life. One of the main components of Inner Circle groups is using The Work by Byron Katie to help you investigate your beliefs that cause you emotional suffering.  Jacqueline is extremely generous, authentic and empowers a mom no matter where she is on her journey to embrace a new way of parenting.  If you find yourself struggling with parenting and have tried rewards and punishment strategies to get compliance, I encourage you to sign up for the Inner Circle.  If you do the homework and keep yourself accountable with the other moms in the circle, then you will find yourself rewarded with joy, peace, and support in your role as a parent.” ~ Millie M., Virginia

“What makes Jacqueline’s course different?

There are a lot of options available to get help in parenting – books, webinars, videos, etc.  What makes Jacqueline’s course different?  What makes it effective?

  1. A Complete, Consistent, and Coherent set of parenting techniques.  She reconciles a lot of different parenting advice into a single set of guidelines and parenting techniques – a road map that can (and is!) summarizable in one page. I have read lots of parenting books, and while many of them were helpful, this is the first one that acknowledges that there is inconsistent guidance out there, and sorts through it all, taking the best of it all and making it coherent and complete.  And for the first time, I have confidence that I know what I am supposed to be doing, in just about every situation I encounter as a mom.
  2. Learning to Stay Calm.  The most important focus is on learning how to stay calm, and avoid getting triggered.  It’s one thing to know what to do, and then there is actually doing it.  One of the most important areas of focus in the course is learning to use a technique called “The Work” by Byron Katie.  It has really helped me to stay calm with son and stepchildren when my buttons are pushed.  And it has affected every other relationship in my life.  My relationship with my husband is stronger, and I am calmer and more able to deal with the rest of life’s stresses.
  3. Personal Coaching.  I have read lots of parenting books, but I have not always been sure where and how to apply what guidance to a particular personal situation.  With Jacqueline’s personal coaching, I have had as much access as I could have possibly wanted to someone who always had good suggestions, and who helped me figure out some approaches to my particular challenges.  
  4. An incredibly supportive network of moms.  One of the best things about this course was that no matter how I screwed up, my challenges and disappointments were met with positive support.  This of course starts with Jacqueline herself.  No matter what, she saw the good in me, and encouraged me to pick myself up and keep going.  She cheered all my successes, and challenged me to do more than I thought possible.   And the rest of the women in our tight group followed her lead.  I knew that no matter what issue I brought to the group, it would be met with warmth and support.  It has become a real safe space for me, and I think, for all of us.

And the bonus, after all of that, is all the new people and ideas that I have been introduced to, most especially Grace Bell and other practitioners of Byron Katie’s “The Work.”  I still can’t get over how much more outlook on life has changed for the better.

I have tried lots of things in my life to become a better person, but this is the first thing in lots of years that has really resulted in massive change.  I’m not yet where I want to be, but I know for sure that I am on the right path.  In short, joining Jacqueline’s Inner Circle has been the best money I have spent in my life.” ~Brenda, Maryland

Lilan and family croppedI’ve tried many parenting methods in my 17-years of parenting…one-on-one coaching, self-guided programs, webinars, books.  I was on the fence about committing to the IC program …up until the morning of our first call.  I am so thankful that I decided to participate.  Jacqueline is a skilled teacher, facilitator, and listener.  So incredibly grateful for the work she does!  She has opened my mind and heart to this journey of parenting and inner growth.  The level of support from Jacqueline and Sally, as well as from the other moms in the program, has been generous and sustaining…  and is what makes this program so unique.

There is such power in the group format.  The vulnerability and honesty and growth that I have witnessed in our group has been truly remarkable.  There is progress, inquiry, and growth every week...there is growth in sharing our stories…there is growth in supporting each other.  Being part of Jacqueline’s inner circle has challenged me, softened me, and bolstered me with hope.  I would enthusiastically recommend this program to any parent who values this most beautiful and important relationship. As an added bonus, our work with Jacqueline as part of the Inner Circle also helped to shed light on all the relationships in our lives.

In gratitude”,

L. Berry, Chicago, IL

P.S. Jacqueline thank you for following up with me that morning in January when I was on the fence.  This is what I needed.”

“Jacqueline Green was not and is not a perfect mother or a perfect person. She doesn’t claim to be. However, she has used her struggles to grow personally and as a parent. She has studied for years under numerous parenting “experts” and tried out their suggestions “in the trenches”.  This lends an authenticity to her mission now to help other parents with their parenting issues, that is not found in text books or most other parenting resources. Her “inner circle” group sessions provide a safe place to be open about one’s parenting shortcomings and to find needed support while going through parenting issues at a time when parenting seems to be much more difficult than was the case in the past.” ~ Deborah, Oklahoma

 The IC helped me realize I wasn’t alone on this parenting journey.  

There were other mamas all over the world in need of support and shoulders.  

The IC is like a tiny army of warrior mamas suiting up for the battle (which is really raging in ourselves) to conquer the things that destroy our inner peace: guilt, self-loathing, anger, depression, anxiety – which hugely impacts our parenting and relationships with our family.  

Led by fearless captain Jacqueline, the group has each other’s back during this season of life and will not surrender till every last momrade has found her own personal victory.  Some battles end quickly, some are continual, and some die out only to resurface later.  But with Jacqueline’s guidance and the IC’s support, you’re never alone.” ~Laura

I’ve listened to Jacqueline’s interviews for many years and always loved her statement at the beginning of the show “you are your child’s best parent” (or something like that). No matter how messed up you feel, you know your child better than any “expert” and to honor your parent power and wisdom by supplementing with experts is not a weakness, that getting support and guidance is a good thing.

I am a parent of a 14 yo girl and 16yo boy who are great kids! They are thriving physically, socially, academically. Teachers, friends, community members often complement me a what great kids I have raised. I feel really good about our mother/ child relationship and find parenting them a rewarding, joyful experience.

Why would I seek out the IC group? I was hitting bottom with my co-parenting husband of 19 years. His “old school” patriarchal style of parenting was not working for me or my teens and I was at a loss of what to do next. Dad was feeling disrespected and left out. Kids were feeling disrespected and dismissed. Mom was feeling caught in the middle. I had tried everything I knew how to and we were stuck. Jacqueline listened to my story on a phone call and felt that I would benefit from the IC group experience. I think a big reason it has helped so much was me making the huge time commitment, it is not a quick fix…it took 16 years to get to this point, it was going to take time to get to another point. I’m 7 months in and am reaping so many benefits from the group support, written/tangible resources and great facilitating by Jacqueline. My co-parenting relationship with my husband is definitely  improving and my parenting relationship with my teens has benefitted in ways I didn’t even know possible.

Our co-parenting is working better because of the things I’ve learned about being open and listening and finding clarity around the things that trigger me.  My husband’s parenting isn’t “All bad” (and I am not ALL good); it took me being less defensive to see the value of what he brings to our parenting relationship.  I’ve also found ways to discuss some of these differences with my teens in a manner that is respectful to both kids and parents.  My kids are at the age where they are able to see and live in a way that honors knowing that you can disagree with someone without being disrespectful, a tricky line to hold with such a powerful Daddy is staring them down wanting submission ….but he’s feeling the difference too and is starting to be proud of them for knowing themselves well and trusting that they still love him and that he’ll ALWAYS BE THE DAD.

 I love being a mom, thank you for being a comforting part of this great life journey.”  ~ Mary from MN

Thank you for being so helpful, empathetic, supportive, positive…I could go on. You are an amazing mentor and coach and I’m so grateful for our work. ~ K. H.

“Hello! I’ve been coaching with Jacqueline for, probably, the last six months or so here and I’ve noticed the big difference and a huge change in my children since I started coaching with her. I have three children, 5, 3 and 1 year old. It’s just been phenomenal the change in our children and the coaching support that I’ve received from Jacqueline. It’s just like night and day. Things have gotten so much more peaceful in our house and my children use to, the older one hitting the younger one, and now their using their words. It’s just been absolutely great, so it’s been a pleasure working with Jacqueline and I recommend anybody to use her as a service. So, thank you so much Jacqueline!” ~ Nadene from Canada

To listen to Nadene talk about working with Jacqueline, click here:


“My family was in a pretty bad place. My husband and I were at odds all the time with each other. We could barely be in the room with each other without yelling at each other or yelling at the kids. This was VERY different than how we were up until the entrance of our newest baby. I had been a member of the Great Parenting Show for years, so I had all this information, which I proceeded to tell my husband. To say that my timing was bad, is an understatement. Instead of imparting information, it came across as criticism on the way he was parenting.

Our bedtime routine was the absolute worst part of the day. Husband would get frustrated, I would get frustrated, kids would clearly be unhappy. It was a mess. We all hated it. We all ended the day in tears and mad at each other.

I finally had enough. I signed us up for marriage counselling and sent and S.O.S. email to Jacqueline on the same day.  Jacqueline responded immediately and we set up a time that week. We never did do the marriage counselling. The insight that Jacqueline had was perfect for what we needed at the time. She gave us little homework assignments to complete. Maybe the best part was that my husband and I didn’t talk to Jacqueline together. We were able to get the little bit of coaching in our ear and then we could address our family in a loving way. I’m sure if we had to hear what the other was saying it would have started hard feelings all over again. We felt really supported and heard in our parenting struggle. Nighttime is now one of our FAVORITE parts of the day!” ~ Kristen from Montana, USA

I am a much more peaceful, loving, happy mama than I was 3 months ago. In moments of stress and exhaustion I no longer resort to yelling and other forms of aggression to intimidate my children into cooperating and instead use the new tools, and am journeying through examining the roots of my anger in those moments. Best of all, my children are saying “I love you so much Mummy” very often and giving me lots of cuddles and kisses.

Thank you for doing what you do, Jacqueline. You’ve helped me make a difference in my life which is going to impact my children and theirs for generations to come.~ Stephanie R. from Canada

Hi Jacqueline,

Just wanted to send a bucketload of gratitude your way for our coaching session today. You were so laser focused and spot-on in relation to all the points I raised, and I particularly loved your analogy of pulling the plant out by its stem.

I felt so heard, and now have strategies and responses in relation to the issues that came up for us last week.

It is becoming increasingly obvious to me that I am coming to much of my parenting from a place of fear and force – “I must do these things on our checklist, she is never going to change, I will never be able to get through”.  

Much love and gratitude to you.~ Michelle L. from Singapore