Want to start 2017 with momentum?


I am sharing a few of the comments I received from GPS members who accepted my mission. It was to:

–  write 5 wins from 2016.

It’s a deceptively simple exercise.

One qualifier, tiny wins are as important as big ones!

Momentum is the key to getting what you want in life. It’s often hardest to get started. So make sure you don’t discount any win! That’s how you kill the start you have towards the life you want.

Feel free to write more than 5 things. But make sure you write AT LEAST five. Okay?

You’ll make my day (as well as solidify your wins for yourself AND inspire others!) if you share your wins in the comments below.

After you are done, watch to see what happens! Then share that too, okay?! I don’t want to give it away, but I can’t help but hint…

What we focus on expands.

Maybe this will inspire you to write 5 things down each (or most) days, that have gone well.

This one TINY action can ensure 2017 ROCKS!!!!

I can hardly wait to read about your 5 wins!




Here’s a few of the wins wonderful GPS community members emailed me. My heart glowed as I read them.

Hi Jacqueline,
Happy New Year! Thank you so much for all that you do. I enjoy listening to your webinars very much and would love to hear more about the challenges of raising teens as both my children are in that age group.

I love your challenge of coming up with 5 wins from 2016. This exercise is harder than I thought it would be! Here they are and you are welcome to share them, but please don’t include my last name:

1. I organized my very messy office and kept it clean

2. I consciously improved my listening skills with my 13 year old daughter with the result that she talks freely and openly with me now

(What a massive win, as so many of Kim’s are!)

3. After years of research, I finally identified the underlying issue that was negatively impacting my son’s learning in school and got him the appropriate treatment (he has a problem with his vision called convergence insufficiency, which negatively affected his reading, editing and test taking ability in math and left him feeling mentally fatigued each day and disliking school—this is something that gets missed in so many children with learning difficulties so I feel like I want to spread the word so others with this problem can get help)

4. I intentionally shifted away from my habit of complaining and venting to my husband and now make a concerted effort to focus on the positives more often

5. I am making a conscious effort to express my gratitude to my family on a regular basis

6. I made a commitment to take long walks every day and have stuck with it

It’s exciting to hear about everything you are up to. Best of luck to you and I look forward to hearing about what’s coming next from the GPS!


Happy New Year Jacqueline,
Thank you for all you do for parents and families!

2016 was difficult…

  1. Biggest win, I got my 11 y/o son into see a doctor to diagnose him with anxiety & depression. We’re on the right road now on to therapy & better understanding.

2. From the darkest days in October as a family, to an incredible November to remember thanks to my brother in law & sister in law; we went on a much needed family vacation to myrtle beach and reconnected with each other.

3. We survived another year as a hockey family with dad as the coach of both boys.

(As a dual US/Canadian, born in Minnesota, I get this accomplishment in my bones!!!)

4. My older son became a teenager. I was relived when we survived SIDS when the boys were babies, I’m hoping to not only survive the teen years, but possibly enjoy them!?

5. I was able to get my mother (dialysis patient) back to Philly to see her sister twice before she died of breast cancer. We actually went from Boston to Philadelphia 4 times April to August…

Please share if you want.

I’ve never been a planner or goal setter.
I’ve always allowed life to happen, with a few exceptions.
I’m thankful for your webinars that keep me more mindful of how I want to parent.
Little by little I’m applying what I’m learning.
Thank you & your speakers for making a difference in real lives.


Wins from 2016:

Really, there was one big thing, that made so many other wins this past year possible. I made the decision to join Jacqueline’s first Inner Circle group. I learned not just the WHAT to do in my relationships as a parent, but HOW to do them.

This led to wins like the following:

– Greater confidence in dealing with my 5-year-old through his and my ups and downs
– More ability to stay calmer in moments of stress
– A stronger and happier marriage, and a closer relationship with my husband
– Experience using Byron Katie’s The Work to overturn some beliefs that have been causing chronic distress for a long time, especially related to my stepchildren (A big thanks to Grace Bell AND Jacqueline Green on this)
– Better relationships with everyone in my life. I expect less and get more.

~ Brenda D ~ Maryland, USA

(I love this woman. It has been such an honor to work with her and the others in the group. Thanks Brenda for being a shero, and for sharing your light with others on this most important, arduous journey!)


Hi, Jacqueline.  You may use my first name if you want to share my wins with others:

1) I’ve learned that doing self-care first thing in the morning usually is so satisfying and a great way to start my day.  When I don’t do this, and start my day with house work or focusing on what my child’s shortcomings then I suffer for the rest of the day with negative thoughts.
2)  I’ve learned that seeing my child as struggling rather than being defiant has softened my heart.
(Okay, tears in my eyes this time as I add a note about another one of my Inner Circle moms who I love so dearly. You Millie are a shero. That boy of yours is so lucky to have you as a mom. When we see our kids as defiant, all hell can break loose. You’ve come so flipping far in a few months, and you are doggedly persistent, so will keep moving mountains to get to where you want to. Thank you for sharing.)
3)  I’ve learned that taking deep breaths while counting has lowered my stress levels and allowed me to deal with my child or husband from a place of control rather than emotional outbursts.  When I don’t do this, it usually ends up in causing upheaval in our house.  I’m also teaching my child to self sooth when he’s angry, too.
4)  I’ve learned to be patient and not expect perfection.
5)  I’ve learned that it’s okay to set limits and boundaries for my child.  They need them.  I need the boundaries to protect myself, too.

Hi Jacqueline,

My 5 wins, okay to post without my name please:
I admitted that I wanted more in my life and needed help to get there.
I developed deeper intimacy with my circle of friends.
I started a program to become a better businesswoman.
I began receiving support mentoring.
I started taking my own stress levels more seriously and caring about how and what I am feeling.
(Imagine how these huge wins set you/her up for 2017? Woo hoo!)
Yay, me!  🙂   Thanks for the invitation and the modeling.  Have a great year,


Hi Jacqueline,

Here are a few of my wins in 2016.  You may share, but without my name please.

  1. Recognized that the job I was in for almost 7 years was truly making me unhealthy and made a mental note to find a way to change that.
  2. Finished the project of building our house…almost a twenty month saga.
  3. Embraced my new location near a set of beautiful ravines and resolved to use them as my personal gym to improve my overall fitness and health.
  4. Met with a good divorce lawyer…not because I necessarily need one, but to make sure I understand the process in case things do not go well in my marriage.
  5. Was fortunate to receive a wonderful opportunity to take a voluntary severance and leave that job that I knew would eventually kill me.
  6. Get my personal finances in order in a way that I have not seen since before I was married.
  7. Feel better about myself.

Now I am ready for 2017!


My 2016 wins. You may share with my first name.

The big one-I started taking classes which I greatly enjoy and am going to hopefully be on my road to a new career!
I took a step of meeting with an attorney to discuss options about my marriage so I will be informed.
I spent time with my teenager, even when it wasn’t always easy, trying to meet him where he is.
Took the initiative to ask for a playdate with one of my son’s friends and it turned into both fun for him and a new friendship for me, unexpectedly.
Had lots of fun learning in the classes I took and looking forward to learning some more.


PS, I truly admire you for sharing the story of your marriage. It gives me hope for trying to raise sons in the midst of an unhappy marriage myself. I cannot thank you enough for sharing that with us. It so gives me comfort to know someone else has gone through that and raised good kids and persevered to better herself as you have and are helping so so many parents. Thank you! Thank you!


1. My husband and I took a leap of faith and worked with a holistic healer to get my son off of for synthetic prescriptions that were giving him daily debilitating migraines. He had brain surgery for a brain cyst on his pituitary gland and 2015. He is now headache free and on his road to health!
2. I suddenly and shockingly lost my mother last year. In some ways my relationship with her is now deeper than ever. I have chosen to forgo daily grief for silver linings of her spiritual help with my life and my children. It’s like I have a personal angel now.
3. My daughter went from debilitating anxiety about completing schoolwork to writing a page and a half in school this past year. She has a very negative teacher this year and despite him, she is showing courage in ways I’ve never seen her do before!
4. I expanded my service offerings with my private client base, stood up for myself with my boss, chose to keep it positive at work. Exercising letting go and releasing control professionally. Started The practice of saying no more.
6. My husband and I started couples counseling. Although we are not seeing the same therapist that we started with, we are on a quest. Our marriage isn’t perfect, but we have a singular goal of nurturing a lifetime partnership and we won’t give up!

7. I have started screaming less at my children. I found that I am calmer and more present. I have deepened my meditation and self-care routine. Although I am not close to being a perfect parent or a perfect partner, I am seeing small positive shifts in my relationships at home.

~ requested to share anonymously

Can you feel the energy that these women tapped into as they reflected on their wins?
Again though I want to emphasize, not killing the kids was on my list at one point as a serious win! We have to start where we are at. I know that Millie and Brenda would both be fine with me saying that their wins for 2015 weren’t as obviously huge.
I didn’t initially ask or expect my Inner Circle members to share after the email to the whole community. I was thrilled to read Brenda and Millie’s comments. That inspired me to assign this task to each of my Inner Circle members. I am going to offer a third Inner Circle soon, and that’s not why I did this exercise. But I couldn’t leave their powerful comments out, just for fear someone might think this is all about marketing! If you think that, you haven’t been following me long.
One of the many things that  is so powerful about doing the work I will share in the webinar next week, is that you get more and more confident in your own skin! That includes being okay with however people take us.
It’s funny, I hadn’t thought yet about posting the link to the webinar here. But it makes sense. So if you want to join us on the webinar next week, I’m going to talk about the 5 Steps to Great Parenting. There are 3 live times followed by a replay. Details are on the link below.