Mothering as YOUR Shero’s Journey

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9354998_sWhat do you call a group of all women heros? Why Sheros of course!

You are a shero. The sooner you embrace this fact, the sooner your stress will reduce. You’ll have more confidence in yourself, and give yourself more of the credit for the massive undertaking this journey we call parenting, is nowadays.

I came up with this saying because of my coaching work. I saw mom after mom, battling with guilt, overwhelm and thinking she was a bad mom. Yet I saw clearly that the opposite was true. Sure, like all hero’s, we all need the right information, support and tools. But one of those tools is to SEE the situation for what it is, and your role for the noble, heroic one that it is.

Moms the world over should be taking inspiration and courage from hero’s tales. Modern mamas fit the definition of heros in so many ways. It’s time we started to own that fact.

We are parenting in the craziest of times, with the most insane expectations of ourselves. We have the least support EVER in terms of extended community and family. We have more new issues cropping up in a year than our grandparents, and likely our parents, dealt with in a lifetime.

Yes, you feel ill-equipped. Face it, you often are.

Yes, you are stretched above and beyond and then some!

Even the sleep deprivation is something that heros usually face. But they often get respites, unlike mamas with little ones!

Yes, it looks messy, and disorganized, and like you are losing, at least some of the time.

That’s why I call mother a shero’s journey.

Think about it. What hero in modern or ancient tales, has it altogether? We would quit reading, listening or watching the story if they did, wouldn’t we?

Make no mistake, I know that sometimes, often,

boring would seem like a better place to be than where we are as crazy busy moms. But it fits, doesn’t it, that just like any other hero, we don’t have it altogether.

What we have in common with the hero, is a goal that we can’t ignore. We want the best for our children. That includes them knowing how to read, behave appropriately, manage to get a job, take care of personal hygiene, and a thousand other things.

And just like any other hero, we put our all into the job, EVEN when we are scared that we can’t and won’t figure out how to get to our goal.

Sometimes, just like any other hero, we feel like giving up. Maybe we even do for a bit, not on our kids, but we give up on some of our goals for them for a while. Shero’s fall down and shero’s give up temporarily. But they keep picking themselves up and trying again, don’t they?

There’s lots more I could say about this. For now I want to end with saying, the fact is, you are here today because you are a Shero. You were driven to find help, to get the tools and information you need to succeed, because you care so much for your children. Whether you found us over 6 years ago, or just today, you are here because you are honing your skills and looking for the knowledge that will give you the edge and help you succeed.

You’ve come to the right place! I can tell you how to parent through extreme challenges, which nowadays is what virtually all parents are facing. I have parented through a marriage that got so challenging, I took my preschoolers and went to a woman’s shelter for a week, then stayed apart for four months before reconciling. I have two awesome, well-adjusted and thriving kids, one just done first year college and the other soon to be a senior in high school.

Just because a journey looks impossible, and is very challenging, doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. We have to focus on the path in front of us, and seek out opportunities to learn and grow. It can be massively helpful to understand that you are a shero, and that like all sheros, you’ll get there with a lot of help and tools!