The Mindset Tip That Will Change How You See Parenting


This quote is so apt for parenting. I talk a lot with the moms I work with about how we are Sheros.

We are actually in the arena.
Our faces are marred by sweat, dust and blood (sometimes literally because our kids smashed our noses or we are comforting them from their bloody accidents).

We err.
We come short again and again.

Yet we get up and start a new day.
We muster our hope in discouraging situations.

We reach out for help when things can’t continue like they are.
We comfort our child one more time when a part of us is screaming, when’s my turn.

I want every mama out there to realize that parenting has never been as crazy as it is now.

Yes, it can be the best of times, because we can access so much great information and connect in ways we never have before.

But in truth, the volumes of great parenting information is part of the problem! We often need way less information, that gets us trying one thing, then the other, and wasting our precious mental and physical energy while not fixing the problem.

I could go on and on. If you are in the trenches and struggling hard, I highly recommend you find a parenting coach and/or group and get the help you need to tweak the ideas you read about to your own situation.

I am not taking new clients right now. But I say this because after almost two decades as a parenting educator, I see that few parents need more free information. You are drowning in it. You need help coming up with a coherent strategy, streamlining all the options, and adjusting techniques to your situation.

One of the best ways to affect change is to work with a small group of other committed people. It gives us the repetition and support we need to change. Otherwise we can be on the right path and not even know it. Then we ditch it because we don’t see how to overcome the obstacle in our path.

After years of contributing to the volume of parenting information out there, I’m focusing in the short term more on running a few small groups and training some parent coaches. That way we can offer what so many parents really need; help in the trenches with a job that is way too hard and has way too little glory on the other side for so many families. Kids are turning out worse than ever before by so many benchmarks including ability to thrive on their own, mental health issues, ability to be empathetic and caring members of society, etc.

I wanted to inspire you to see yourself as a SHERO. There is NOTHING wrong with you. The reason you feel so worried and concerned about how your kids will turn out is because you are parenting in such challenging times. We need different approaches than our parents to thrive in these times, and get on the road less traveled, where these are the best of times.

I also wrote this to offer you hope because I know for many of you, the work required to get on the right track isn’t near as hard as staying on the tougher, more traveled road. So find a guide, a mentor, a coach who has been there. After all, no hero on an epic journey did it alone, and none that I know of didn’t have a sage leader helping them navigate the tricky spots.

Share this if you know of other Sheros and Heros who need some encouragement today!