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  September 4th thru November 21st 2012
10am PT/ 1pm ET/ 5pm GMT

Over 24 live interviews, available for free, and for a limited time by replay, from September 4th through November 20th, 2012. You’ll be able to submit your top questions, and get answers from the top parenting experts on the planet!

You’ll get 4 bonus downloadable interviews just as a thank you for signing up!  Details on the interviews at the bottom of the page.


Dear Fellow Parent, Grandparent, Educator or Caregiver of Children:

If you would like to:

  • Banish your worry and self-doubt
  • Have way more fun with your family
  • End fighting and struggling with your kids
  • Know that you can protect your family from the many new dangers on and offline

Then, this might be the most important website you’ve ever visited.

If you've ever felt the task of parenting stressful or even daunting, OR if you ever felt like there were questions that you didn't know where to find answers to, you're in the right place.

We all know that new parenting techniques are needed now to survive our ever changing world…That is why this program exists - to help parents who have questions find their answers, on every possible subject! 

TRUTH: It’s not important that you know everything about raising perfect children, what is important is that you have the right tools and know how to empower them to be happy, successful and make the right decisions…because you can’t be there every second of the day! Experience joyful children and a peaceful family life!

TRUTH: Learning these powerful parenting techniques will give you the winning edge so you can win the challenging battle over your child’s mind, a battle that exists between their peers, the media, schools and you. And these new skills will expand your parenting awareness and arm you with the missing ingredients you need to win any battle from birth through their teens!

Leading contemporary Spiritualist and AuthorNutritionalist and Chocolate AdvocateEnergy Medicine PractitionerConscious and Positive Parenting CoachRelationship Expert – Mars and VenusParenting teacherHealth SpecialistClinical Psychologist specializing in ParentingTransformational LeaderScientist and Leading Voice of the New BiologyChild Behavior ExpertSuccess and Abundance CoachBusy Mom Fat Loss ExpertWomen’s Health ExpertTransformationalistADD/ADHD Expert and AuthorCreator of the Lefkoe MethodDeveloper of Anat Baniel MethodRelationship Coach and Licensed TherapistCreator of the Procrastination CureMind Development ExpertChairman and CEO of Awareness Technologies, IncEnlightened Divorce Expert and Spiritual TransformationalistSpeaker, Organizer and Director of The Power of Moms, a gathering place for deliberate mothers

Because we believe that every parent deserves loving, happy, resilient and successful children, we want to share a sneak peek of what you will learn and be able to put into practice in your parenting life RIGHT AWAY:


         Imagine having the parenting skills and awareness to thrive and grow as a family through any situation!
         What will your family life be like when you know how to:

Have well behaved kids, using discipline methods that do not erode their self-esteem
Learn how your parenting affects your children’s Biology AND their beliefs

Set limits and make them stick

Thrive even if you have extremely challenging kids with behaviors like lying, stealing, defiance and aggression
Get quick, healthy, and nutritious meals on the table
Protect your child from bullying online and offline, as well as teaching them how to stand up for others

Learn how to overcome the common, but potentially marriage-wrecking co-parenting issues

Apply revolutionary methods for parenting children with special needs

Learn how to quit procrastination and overwhelm, so you have much more time and energy

Know how to turn your child’s ADD/ADHD into strengths

Avoid the painful “failure to launch” syndrome by making sure your child has all the skills, including financial and coping skills

Break the supermom habit and the link between over providing and your lack of energy and sex drive

Conversations with God: How to make spirituality accessible to your children

Neale explains how to talk to your children about God, and to guide or influence their spiritual development. He also shares some of the most impactful parenting tips that we've heard. I've interviewed 100 of the world's top experts on parenting related topics, and this interview with Neale stands out as one of the most important ones for you to listen to as a conscious parent.
Frustrated that your child will only eat Pizza, Hot Dogs and Mac and Cheese? How to Keep Your Picky Eater From Driving you Nuts!

Annika, who was a picky eater until well into adulthood, had serious health issues that did not resolve until she learned about the power of nutrition. While she stresses taking baby steps to keep you from being overwhelmed, she shares many practical, easy-to-implement ideas, as well as some that you may well decide are well worth the extra effort. You will not be bored during this informative and at times controversial interview!
How You and Your Family can be Happy for Life!

Frequent Oprah guest, Dr. Robert Holden shared powerful tips based on his proven work helping people find happiness. He shares simple and profound tips for finding your calm center in the midst of the divine comedy that is parenting, and teaches you how to avoid some of the pitfalls and negativity that can consume families, and to see the lighter side of the ones that you can’t!
Dr. Michele Borba
… Covers A to Z on Parenting!

You are in for a real treat! What an honor to interview the woman who is arguably THE most sought- after parenting educator on the planet! Dr. Michele Borba is full of amazingly easy-to-use tips and tricks that will make your parenting more fun, more effective and much easier.


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I wanted to let you know that I just got more out of Dr. Laura's interview replay than I did out of a 4-hour local live session and 2-hour keynote speech with a well-known, multi-published author who spoke at a conference I was at. I shall not name that gentleman as I don't want to put anyone down. However, I do want to thank you for making Laura's free, online, listen-when-you-can interview more practical than some in-person, have to be there presentations. THANK YOU!

~ Name withheld by request

I've been listening to all of the speakers since the start of this program and am enjoying the information thoroughly. Thank you, Jacqueline for introducing such amazing and thought-provoking leaders in the field of parenting. I feel like I am enrolled in a graduate-level parenting university. This is just what I needed at this time.

~ Lora – Charlotte, NC

Loving the program! I'm learning a whole lot and already applying it - it seems sometimes subconsciously. At best I am much more aware of my words and actions when dealing with my girls (4 children from ages 2 to 12). Thanks. 

~ Angel – Ontario, Canada

I am doing my usual facebook stroll before getting to the outdoor part of my day and just wanted to stop by to say that the Great Parenting Show – The #1 Online Resource for Parenting World Wide has been a great and wonderful resource for me these past few months and I am thankful beyond belief for what you are bringing into my life.

~ Iris - Facebook

That it makes you aware of things I never thought about my role as a parent, that it's easy to understand and gives me the chance to listen to experts, I would never have a chance to see in person, in the convenience of my own home at almost any time. THANK YOU!

~ Ivonne Justo-Nardone, Merida, Yucata, Mexico

The varied topics, from personal growth to dealing directly with children. Parenting is so much more than just dealing with your need to take care of yourself as well. The additional thing I need to mention is the convenience of the replays. I would not have gotten as much from this show if I did not have the access to the replays.

~ April Arrington, Tallahassee, USA

I know from my own experience that no matter where you are at now, a family life full of ease and joy is absolutely possible.

Shortly after having kids, I was hit with the full force of how poorly equipped I was to parent these two beautiful beings that I had brought into the world. Yet now, 15 years later, I have two happy, successful and wonderful teens.

Tears come to my eyes writing this, as it was not at all a foregone conclusion! If I can go from parenting disaster, wondering if me or my kids would emerge with any sanity intact, to the proud, happy mother of two teens (a period of time when many parents are racked with all sorts of crazy, even life-threatening crisis are possible), you can overcome your challenges, and have the family of your dreams too!

From my own struggles and pain, came the fire for my mission to empower you to become the great parent that you want to be, by connecting you to the right parenting experts for your unique family situation.

I believe that all parents need more information to parent well, whether that information is the lasts research on childhood development and its implications for parenting, cyber issues such as bullying or just how to connect with your kids and deal with the mundane but important challenges like fast ways to get healthy food on the table for your family.

That’s why I’ve hand-picked the top experts on the planet to give you the information you need. Best of all, it is all available for free and from the comfort of your own home!

Sound great?

All you have to do is enter your name and email above, and you are on your way from good to great! You can be the parent you vowed to be when your baby was born, and my show has already helped tens of thousands of parents fulfill their promise.

I hope you’ll join us, and find out just how much more satisfying the parenting journey can be, when you are part of this exciting and supportive community.

Hope to “see” you on the calls!

Jacqueline Green
Host of the Great Parenting Show
The #1 Online Resource for Parents

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