Help for the Holidays: 5 Steps for a Happier, More Relaxed Time!

Do you have mixed feelings when you think of the holidays that are already upon us?

US Thanksgiving is just around the corner. No matter where in the world you are, Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza is undeniably coming! Unfortunately, the holidays can be such a stressful time for moms! Yet so much of what causes us stress, isn’t what makes the holidays special anyway. That’s why I am sharing five tips to making this holiday your best one ever.

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Want Less Anxious and Bossy Kids? Do This! – Part Three

Want Less Anxious, Bossy Kids? Do This! – Part 3

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In part two I promised to share what to do with teens in order to stay in as strong a position as possible as a GPS, and this also applies for very strong willed children. First though, I want to cover one more thing that applies to parents of children of any age.

How to be a strong GPS when you have no idea what to do!

Is it even possible to be a strong GPS if you don’t know what to do? It is, and here’s why…

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Want Less Anxious and Bossy Kids? Do This! – Part Two

I hope you had a good perspective shift in Part One of Want Less Anxious and Bossy Kids (If you didn’t catch that tip, I recommend you go back and read it before continuing.) One of the reasons I love teaching parents is because there are shifts like this that can make such a huge difference, and aren’t massively difficult. Another reason I love to help parents is because…

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