Finding the Gifts of Pain Versus Changing Things

I love how regular GPS members are embracing the concept of finding the gifts in painful, stressful situations. The fact is, when we can do that, we can much more quickly change those situations. I’ve had members ask me, though, how to know when to change things versus when to look for the gifts in pain. That’s prompted me to do a blog post on the subtle, but critical nuance. read more

The Critical Lesson that ER Docs Can Teach Parents

People often joke about how being a mom means being a jack of all trades, including being a doctor. What if a brief study of how ER docs perform could make you a much happier, more effective, and relaxed mom? Every mom should know the basic concept that ER doctors use to get through their shifts and achieve the best possible outcome over. There are many times when being a mom feels almost as hectic as being an ER doc, so why not have the best tools for dealing with challenging situations? read more